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533. HumBugg: No Shoehorns September 21, 2007

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in HumBugg, Product.

Traveling through airports yesterday reminded me of one of my biggest pet-peeves: no shoehorns available in the security lines. OK, I can appreciate having to take our shoes off, but please make it simple and easy for me to slip them back on. With security lines stretching on for miles, wouldn’t you think that airports would want to reduce traveler stress and save time, all by simply providing a couple of cheap shoehorns? This wouldn’t even be a Bright Idea, it would be a BASIC one. Having the long shoehorns available wouldn’t even require sitting down. Mind-boggling.

While I am venting here: how about shoehorns in dressing rooms (especially ones for men)? Am I the only guy who is too lazy to untie my shoes, then have to retie them?



1. ~~~hechter - October 2, 2007

Obviously, the gov’t doesn’t trust air travelers, thus shoe horns aren’t provided to thwart any potential of shoehorn thievery.

It would be great to have my own belt, which take off at security, to act as a shoehorn!

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