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542. IdeaSpark*: Cellphones for pockets September 26, 2007

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in IdeaSpark*, Product.

Let’s face it: for guys, cell phones go in pockets (women have purses). Having them clipped to your belt looks and feels awkward. But most cell phones, while they look cool, aren’t designed for pockets.

IdeaSpark*: Design a cell phone specifically for the front pant pocket. This means:

  • The phone body is slightly curved to hug the thigh and limit protruding edges and corners.
  • Have curves all around the edges (like the pictured phone, called the Au Infobar, via Core77), also to limit pant bulge.
  • Make the shell silicone or rubber, for softness, and for more friction to prevent sliding around in the pocket.
  • The shape of the cellphone would be designed to fit in the pocket the same orientation everytime (i.e. with the top facing down, so when pulling it out of the pocket, it is ready to use).
  • A small cord or tab on the bottom of the phone, which will be easy to grab when you reach into your pocket.

Yes, I am suggesting substance over style, here. RAZRs may look cool; I want my phone using experience to be cool.



1. thebirdman82 - September 26, 2007


2. Katie Konrath - September 27, 2007

And don’t forget: make the screen strong so it doesn’t break!

I love the idea though. Too many phone companies just throw on flashy accessories, without actually seeing how normal customers use their phones.

3. danison - October 4, 2008

hello i really want your mobile phone i love it

4. Julia Ells - March 13, 2009

oh my gosh! i love the idea! make sure as katie said to make the whole phone strong so it doesn’t break. I want one sooo bad!!! =D

5. lil puddin tater - August 5, 2009

omg that is the colest thing i have ever saw in my whole life i want one sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6. yanna - September 20, 2009

it’s like a foam….hehehe

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