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545. Bright Idea: in Watches September 28, 2007

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Product.

Here are a bunch of watches with novel time-presenting ideas:

1) Botta Uno Automatik: one-handed watch. By Botta (€230+); via CoolHunting.


2) The Radar Watch: The outer arc is the minute hand, the inner arc, hours. Actually pretty similar to a regular analog watch, replacing the hands with arcs. Buy it HERE eventually (Novel Japanese watches); via Ubergizmo.


3) Reveal Watches: These tell time as the separate discs independently rotate to reveal the underlying time digit via an opaque window. The dot in the middle indicates seconds. Buy it at their website HERE ($80); via Technabob.


4) The Fusion Watch: basic and easy to read. The outer dot ring indicates the hour, the inner ring: minutes, the center rows: seconds. Buy it HERE ($150); via Technabob.




1. Amy - October 5, 2007

Oh man, I love the first one… Watch with only one hand! Jeeze, that’s so obvious that it makes me think the original watch designers should have thought of that! Totally awesome. One “notch” would be 5 minutes. So perfect!!!!! 🙂

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