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565. HumBugg: Fireplace DVD January 3, 2008

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in HumBugg, Product.

My in-laws have birds residing in their chimney, so they never use their fireplace. So as a holiday gift, I purchased for them Brookstone’s Fireplace DVD: 50 minutes of high-definition film of a crackling fire (with or without holiday music). Instantly my father-in-law realized that there was a problem: like with most plasma TV screens, a constant image will burn pixels after about 30 minutes. On the DVD, the fire itself moves, of course, but the rest of the image was static. I guess I didn’t find the fine print that indicated that this DVD was only for LCD and old-school TVs.

Since it was a Christmas gift, this was truly a bah HumBugg.




1. The Bird Man - January 6, 2008

If I had birds in my chimney I’d light a fire and smoke them out.

2. fireplace-4u - May 9, 2008

While we all love the sight of a roaring hot fire there are lots of unlike fireplaces that you will find. These many unlike fireplace designs are in their own way quite a lovely to look at. You will see many great looking designs for fireplaces in old homes and also in stores that contrive and build these fireplaces. The main fireplace designs that we are acquainted with are those of the large flat fireplace type. You will however find other types of fireplaces. The project shapes of some these fireplaces can be in the modern look of electric fireplaces. With these fireplaces you will find that a small cubicle has been made in the wall. The cubicle is square in design shape. The versatile wires that are needed to connect this fireplace to the electricity mains will be located behind the fireplace. You will also find that the front face of the fireplace resembles logs. This is just one of the fireplace designs that will enhance the look of your living room without having to concern about the possibility of ashes. You can also look for other fireplace designs in catalogs for your home. While looking for various fireplace ideas is one of the best ways to choose the type of fireplace you would like to sit before you will need to think about some other matters first. The first item you will need to consider is whether you wish to have a wood burn fireplace or a gas fireplace. You can even think about installing an electric fireplace. This decision needs to be at the top of your plans for fireplace designs…Please read more on a site that is all about this subject and more for your interest… Thank you for taking you time to read through this information if you’re interested in gathering more knowledge please continue to search this site.

3. Wood Stove Accessories - October 22, 2008

Now if they can just come up with an air freshener to go with it that will give you that nice wood burning smell.

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