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About SparkBugg.com

SparkBugg.com is a blog about ideas. Specifically, this blog is for the sharing of new and smart ideas: bright ideas out there in the world, or my ideas, or your ideas. Especially any idea that makes life simpler, richer, more engaging, or one that makes you smile, be grateful, or say “What genius!” or “I could’ve come up with that.” These ideas may be related to industrial design, products, marketing, food, websites, webgames, services, or anything else cool.  My plan for SparkBugg:

  1. To actively search for Bright Ideas out there (i.e. they actually exist) and spread the word.
  2. To share IdeaSparks*: any idea that I come up with (versions of which may or may not be already out there). “IdeaSparks” posted without the * will be any idea (not actualized/produced) someone else comes up with.
  3. To create a community of feedback, creativity, and sharing.

So please join me in the search for and development of inspiring ideas. Feel free to invite your friends to join us, as well.

To proceed, feel free to start with the lastest postings (HOME), or the first postings, or the FAQ.

For the behind the scenes of SparkBugg.com, visit my metablog at HERE.




1. Tom - November 25, 2006

Hey Sparkbugg,

Ever heard of the Farmer’s Diner in Vermont? It’s a diner that only serves food produced locally (within a 70 mile radius)?

All I could find was this blurb about the founder. http://www.investorscircle.net/index.php?tg=articles&idx=viewa&topics=110&article=373

Pretty good idea though.

2. SparkBugg - December 10, 2006

Thanks, Tom! It does sound like a Bright Idea.

3. Gary Flynn - January 22, 2007

Hello Sparkbugg.

Great Site you have here.

I found your through a chat forum on About.com. Interesting thing is that I discovered you are are WordPresser like myself, and lo and behold I bring up your site and you have the same template!….with even a Clustrmap! I thought I was looking at my own site for a split sec….(check me out). Brilliant Minds truly do think alike.

The irony continues. Now that I read your About page, you’ll see how similar the thought process is when you read mine….although I’m using my blog as a pre-start sort of forum and mini marketing effort, for a main web site

Also, there is a link on my Home Page for a wiki that I am developing that is geared toward ideas for The New Media , that you can take a quick peek at as well. (It’s under construction)

I’ve been assembling a team of like-minded idea individuals such as yourself for the development of a web site with some unique idea/investor ambitions that I cannot reveal fully at this time.

If you are into collaborating, let me know, maybe you might be willing to participate in some fashion…..check us out and send a reply.

Thanks…I’ve added you to my blogroll.


joe sampietro - February 3, 2010

my god you guys like to kiss each others arse.

Anonymous - February 26, 2010

hey saw your name here. and your website

4. SparkBugg - January 24, 2007

Gary (a fellow sparkbugg),

Thanks for your post. Your site is identical! People may not know that Worpressers can choose from a variety of templates, and this template in particular has various color and header image combinations. We even have the same number of page tabs!

Thanks much for adding me to your blogroll. I read your entire blog, and I am definitely intrigued, so keep me posted.


SparkBugg (a fellow Genios?)

5. D.Huskey - February 9, 2007

Is there a company or network out there that would simply take a look at some invention ideas and provide feedback or development help without prototypes or patents?

6. SparkBugg - February 13, 2007

Good question. I am not sure, but check out Americaninventorspot.com for possible resources.

Also, I know that DC has a local inventors assoc (http://dcinventors.org/). Perhaps there is one in your area (http://www.nationalinventors.com). Best of luck to you.


LuvBugg - June 28, 2012

Dear Fellow Inventors,
Please be very, very careful. If yo do not have patents and prototypes, your ideas can be stolen and sold. Even if you do have the patent there are unscrupulous folks who will try anyway. Please, please, please! Find a way to show the date of your processes and what inspired you to the stages. Keep that as 3 different copies in 3 different spread out locations. Ya may want t do the same with important documents.
And May the Force ALWAYS be with You!

7. The CK - February 13, 2007

Great Blog! Full of good ideas, easy to read format, etc. etc!

8. SparkBugg - February 20, 2007

The CK: thanks for your compliments, and thanks for visiting. Hope to hear more from you in the future.

BTW, nice icon. It is actually similar to mine, in a way.


9. gt - March 2, 2007

saw this blog in the washington post express..reminded me of the one i tried to startup but ended up basically forgetting about


10. SparkBugg - March 3, 2007

GT: thanks for visiting and the comment. I have a long history of starting and stopping projects, as well, but I have been able to keep up with SparkBugg, thankfully.

Feel free to send your ideas my way, and I will definitely consider posting them here and giving you credit.

By the way, after reading your blog: (1) yeah, why do soda cans have that dirt-catching groove where I put my lips?; (2) Adaptive break-lights is a great idea. In fact, it is one of the most popular ones over at WhyNot.net: http://www.whynot.net/ideas/30

Thanks! SparkBugg

11. maurice collins - March 14, 2007

just come across your site, i am in the UK and collect contraptions nd gadgets from the past, mainly victorian, have 2 books out ‘eccentric contraptions’ and ‘ingenious gadgets’ and they reflect everyday time savers from the past, many of which i believe have a use in todays markets, such as the clockwork burglar alarms, self pouring teapots etc
i loan the collection to museums across Europe in aid of disability charities but have never had an enquiry from US, so, if anyone out there knows of any museum that might be interested pewrhaps they would contact me
great site, love it!
maurice collins

12. SparkBugg - March 20, 2007

Maurice, Thanks for the compliment. And you sound like a kindred spirit. I personally don’t know of any museums here in the US like you describe (but would definitely be visiting it if I did).

However, have you considered starting a website or blog of all your inventions? I would be willing to help you get it up and running, for free (just like this blog). All you would need are the digital pictures of your items. Just let me know…that way, almost everyone around the world could see and appreciate your collection.

Best, SparkBugg

13. Anonymous - March 24, 2007

saw your oprah video on utube. nice work:)

14. Bob - March 31, 2007

SparkBugg –

Nice work on The Secret on Oprah!!!

Please write me, I have something I want to share with you. I also am looking for someone (you?) to give me some accelerated teaching on how to plan and setup a good blog. do you do that? also, I want to do a video… again, do you provide this service and training?

If you trust in TheSecret…you wont believe whats in store for you/us. I can feel it…

I look forward to talking with you. my number is on my site, please leave me msg there and lets talk real soon.

Carpe Diem!


15. globalSGR - March 31, 2007

Hello again Spark Bugg –

Forgot to give you this to you…

See What The Teachers of the The Secret have done now!http://global.thesgrprogram.com

Please contact me or call so I can share more about this with you.


16. Ron Komorowski - April 5, 2007

Hello Spark Bug,
I’m Ron, the inventor of Handi-Straps which you kindly put on your site. Keep promoting ideas! Ideas turn into intellectual property which turn into corporations which are the pride of this country and make us the leaders that we are! Very important to promote and appreciate ideas!

If there is one tip I can give it is to PURSUE YOUR IDEAS TIL IT BURNS..til it ends in ashes and can’t be done. Work on your idea 7DAYS A WEEK even if it’s just 10 minutes on a Sunday thinking about it. EVERYDAY! Dreams and ideas have a tendency to slip on the floor and end up under the bed somewhere if you slack even one day. One day turns into two… Even if your idea is wrong, persitence will right it or lead to an even better idea…if you push it til’ it burns. Have a great day…and remember..if it wasn’t for ideas..we’d still be cavemen!

17. SparkBugg - April 5, 2007


thanks for the email and your kind words.

yes, I could teach you how to do a quick blog like SparkBugg (we could get it up and running, for free, in about an hour). I also could quickly teach you how I edit videos…also very easy and free. the next two weeks could be too busy for me, but let me know your thoughts and lets see what we can work out.


18. SparkBugg - April 5, 2007

Ron, thanks for your words of encouragement. They come at a good time, as I am waiting to hear more news about this one invention I am working on and have pitched. I will keep going till it burns! I am sure you know of burning, literally, since I think that you are that strong guy in the photos…you must work out, thus really knowing how to push until it burns (i.e. your muscles). -SparkBugg

19. Habs - April 15, 2007

saw your movie about the secret on oprah – bloody brilliant!!

20. SparkBugg - April 18, 2007

Habs. Thanks much. That is probably the best compliment I have gotten about it thus far.


21. K R - April 25, 2007

Hi Sparkbugg, from Vancouver BC

I’ve been watching your highlights of the Oprah show, and really LOVE the way you put it together. You really got the gist/feeling of it! …I also love the music in the clip, esp the last one. Could you post that here again?

I’m responding here, even though it should go with the clip… I don’t have a youtube acct.

re: the child who died in the fire. Something we sometimes forget is that everyone, including EVERY CHILD, has come here with a purpose. It may be that what he/she came to teach her family was about grief, and learning how to love again. It’s not always about us adults teaching the children, maybe never is! 😉 (Or it may not be the lesson, as I don’t really know what it was, or if it was abbreviated for some reason)… But I believe that we all are here for a reason, and have contracts/promises to be with people and help each other learn different things… My 2 cents worth. 😉

Thanks again for the clip!

Love, peace & prosperity

22. K R - April 25, 2007

sorry, meant: post the titles of the songs, artists & websites, if you have it… Thx

23. Ronald L. Lewis - May 16, 2007

To Whom It May Concern:

I don’t know if you’re the right company I should be contacting. But, I have some really cool commercial idea’s for Nike. If this happens to be the right place to pitch my idea’s. Will you be willing to take a look at my work. If this is not the right place, could you be so kind to point me in the right direction. Keep in mind that I love Nike, so I put so muck of my all into my work. Thanks for your time and understanding.

Sincerly yours,
Ronald L. Lewis

24. blanka - June 25, 2007

I will smoke all night long, exhaling with every inhalation all stupidity and imperfection of this world. Inhale and exhale.

25. SparkBugg - June 26, 2007

K R: Thanks for your comment. Too bad that Youtube pulled down the video. Anyway, the songs were Teardrop, by Massive Attack; Water from a Vine Leaf, by William Orbit; Sunrise, by Young American Primitive; and Cantamila, by Tranquility Bass.

Ronald: I am just one guy and blog. Try contacting the folks at Wieden + Kennedy (see post # 100: Bright Idea: Wieden + Kennedy Nike Commercials- http://snipr.com/1nkot ). Good luck.

Blanka: I don’t think you are a spambot, so I will leave your comment in. Perhaps you are a philosopher, sharing an obscure, but profound, metaphor. Thanks for commenting.


26. lee - August 14, 2007

Great job creating this blog this actually is indictive of your brilliance hope we could chat some time and share a thought!

27. IveGotAnIdea - September 12, 2007

“Mind Candy” for Inventors: I recently came across a very interesting website where Doug Hall (of American Inventor fame) & his Eureka! Ranch team are BUYING inventions for large corporations. Here’s the really cool part – there are NO commissions and NO fees of any type for inventors! Companies pay them to find inventions. Currently they are buying inventions for pain relief, infant products and card games. I contacted them and was told the list will continue to grow. Also, the inventions they are buying basically provide inventors with corporations’ unmet needs (mind candy/stimulus for me to invent new ideas!). Check it out at http://www.eurekaranch.com/Inventions . Happy inventing!

28. xxx - October 16, 2007

I also have to say reading about your adventure to the boob tube is very inspiring.
Whenever the show is on good luck with it.

29. Trickstar - December 30, 2007


i can’t find any contact information on your blog. Do you have an email or some wordpress-profile for contacting? I have an idea blog, too, i just put a link pointing at this site.


30. Vending Machines for the Homeless at incuTANK: Sharing ideas and innovation. - January 11, 2008

[…] I just found a similar idea blogged about on Sparkbugg, great […]

31. Danielle Hupp - February 26, 2008

Sparkbugg readers may be interested in the Naitonal Inventors Hall of Fame Foundation’s Collegiate Inventors Competition, which is now accepting entries!

The Competition promotes exploration in invention, science, engineering, technology, and other creative endeavors and provides a window on the technologies from which society will benefit in the future.

The deadline is May 16, 2008. Entries will be judged on originality of the idea, process or technology, and their potential value and usefulness to society.

One Undergraduate and one Graduate winner or team will each receive $15,000. One Grand Prize winner or team will receive $25,000. These cash prizes could help fund further research and promote innovative discoveries and ideas.

32. James McGrath - May 9, 2008

I manufacture and distribute the Hold-a-Phone™ cell phone holder used by runners, hikers, and cyclists for a secure and convenient way to carry a cell phone and to provide additional safety while you exercise.
The Hold-a-Phone™ has received national attention in numerous magazines which you can view on my website http://www.holdaphone.com; and of particular interest is the page of comments from our customers.

33. Jules - December 16, 2008

Hi there, I actually had a question for you about a posting on YouTube … Please contact me, jules1273@gmail.com. THX

34. haris awais - December 25, 2008

sir we like it this your tea bag cup.we want to buy it.. pl z send me your address and delivery style.

35. Vending Machines for Homeless | Incubaker - April 22, 2009

[…] I just found a similar idea blogged about on Sparkbugg, great stuff! « Previous Article | Next Article […]

36. Boris - September 22, 2009

Hey everyone, try out this site called The Positive NewZ

The Positive Newz aggregates positive news onto its site from all over the world (updated daily). PositiveNewZ.com is THE place for obtaining the latest positive news related to business, science, health, technology, sports and entertainment, and much more!


37. ECA - March 23, 2014

It even works for gaming, and would be a great comical for those that want a laugh..

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