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569. Bright Idea: Shampoo Rinse Cup January 4, 2008

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Baby, Product.

This rinse cup has a soft flexible yellow panel to conform to your child’s head. Keep that soapy water out of your little boo-boo’s eyes. Buy it HERE ($9).



568. Bright Idea: the Storyline shelf January 3, 2008

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Art, Product.

Artistic, practical, versatile, and outrageously priced (at $319; buy it here). By Frederik Roije; Via BLTD.


566. Bright Idea: the Peak Bathtub January 3, 2008

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in IdeaSpark*, Product.
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This bathtub is designed to support your knees and conserve water. I like the idea, but I wonder about two possible problems: (1) if two people are in the tub facing each other, it could get awkward getting both sets of legs comfortable; (2) I like to occasionally slide my body down to submerge my entire head, and with this tub I can’t.

IdeaSpark*: a proposed solution addressing both problems: Manufacture just the peak (a large triangular wedge) out of a material that won’t float. Make different sizes, then anyone can buy one to use in their regular tub. Slide it down to submerge your head; remove it to make room for your partner. Bonus: way less expensive.

Designed by Lyndon Craig (here); via ApartmentTherapy.


565. HumBugg: Fireplace DVD January 3, 2008

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in HumBugg, Product.

My in-laws have birds residing in their chimney, so they never use their fireplace. So as a holiday gift, I purchased for them Brookstone’s Fireplace DVD: 50 minutes of high-definition film of a crackling fire (with or without holiday music). Instantly my father-in-law realized that there was a problem: like with most plasma TV screens, a constant image will burn pixels after about 30 minutes. On the DVD, the fire itself moves, of course, but the rest of the image was static. I guess I didn’t find the fine print that indicated that this DVD was only for LCD and old-school TVs.

Since it was a Christmas gift, this was truly a bah HumBugg.