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337. IdeaSpark*: The Grill Food Truck June 6, 2007

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Food and Drink, IdeaSpark*, Service.

Ice Cream Trucks are great, bringing a jingle and joy to US neighborhoods on warm summer evenings.

IdeaSpark*: Imagine a similar truck, but for adults, as it brings the perfect foods for grilling to your block. Meat, veggies, sides, and booze ready to go on that surprise beautiful evening. No need to waste precious time in the car and grocery. Also have a chance to see your neighbors again, and perhaps join-up for a spontaneous cook-out.



1. Hugo Estrada - June 6, 2007

Oh, I read while I a hungry. What an excellent idea!

2. SparkBugg - June 6, 2007

Thanks! I am starting to LOVE grilling, so I want to find ways to make it more convenient. Glad to hear that others think it is a good idea. It may not be the best money-making business idea (since it depends on the weather and volume would be low), so I would rather be a customer than start this business.
Keep on grillin’ -SparkBugg

3. Barry P. - June 13, 2007

I love this idea!! I think its success would really depend on the brand. If it is meat or chicken, you’d really have to trust in it. Assuming the timing was right, I’d pay a few more dollars than I’d pay at the grocery store. My mouth is watering just thinking about the different maranades I could choose from 😉

4. pedro - August 2, 2007

I dont think its a great idea for a business….. first of all i dont think adults would run after this truck like kids do. second: it wont be easily accepted since grill its a chance or excuse to have social meeting.

5. SparkBugg - August 8, 2007

Barry: thanks for the comment. Great idea about the marinades…hadn’t thought of that.

Pedro: I hear your point. This is not a huge money-making idea, and probably only a few adults would be visiting it at a time (my photo is way ambitious). I am not too clear on your second point, though.


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