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343. Bright Idea: Jigsaw Carpet June 13, 2007

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Product.

Arrange and interlock these jigsaw carpet pieces any way you want to. This Bright Idea allows you to determine the pattern and overall size and shape of the carpet, and easily replace a stained piece. How cool. They now just need to make edge pieces. Get 10 pieces for $77 HERE; via ProductDose.



1. Imperial Floor Covering Set - June 14, 2007

[…] This Jigsaw Carpet reminds me about the Puzzle Floor something that I’ve presented some time ago. But let’s come back to this carpet. I think this is a bright idea, because you have total control over your carpet, you define the pattern, shape and size of this carpet, and you can have a new model everytime you want one just arrange the pieces in any way you like. You have 10 pieces to have fun with …and you can get one for $77 from here. Via – Sparkbugg […]

2. amy - October 9, 2009

i like the look. currently serching for carpet tiles for a play room. i want something funkey not having any luck. this would be great. what colors? edge pieces? could i order for specific dimentiond?

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