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354. Bright Idea: the Shockball June 20, 2007

Posted by Matt Fleming, PsyD in Plaything, Product.

Play catch (or more specifically, Hot Potato) with the Shockball, which emits a shock at random intervals. Rubber-lined to protect it from the inevitable drops to the floor, this plaything sounds like a scream.

I would also use it in my car, for a jolt of adrenalin to keep me awake when I start getting drowsy. Buy it HERE (Aus $30); via UberGizmo.

(P.S. In wrote about a similar IdeaSpark* in a previous post, here.)



1. ~~~hechter - June 24, 2007

Am I missing something?? This sounds like a stupid idea. Maybe I just don’t get it…yet?

2. SparkBugg - June 26, 2007

Thanks for expressing your confusion…I was vague, so I editted the post to include “Hot Potato.” Hope this makes a little more sense (as a game for several folks to play).


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